As a photographic artist, I take a multidisciplinary approach; one that informs my work and allows me to situate it within larger scholarly, social, and political conversations. In the series Growing Light, I draw from both biological sciences and humanities to explore wonders of the natural world and the threats humans pose to them. Using photographic processes that harness the intermittent and fleeting glow of bioluminescent climate change indicators, including algae, bacteria, insects, and fungi, I create imagery meant to evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder in the connections between species.  As a marriage of conceptual photography and scientific exploration, these works provoke discussion about technical possibilities in photography as well as a larger dialogue about climate change, the sixth extinction, and the important and precarious interconnections among all living things.

Margaret LeJeune is an image-maker, curator, and educator from Rochester, New York (USA). Working predominantly with photographic-based mediums, LeJeune explores our precarious relationship to the natural world. Her work has been widely exhibited at institutions including The Griffin Museum of Photography (USA), The Center for Fine Art Photography (USA), ARC Gallery (USA), Circe Gallery Cape Town (South Africa), Science Cabin (South Korea), and Umbrella Arts (USA). LeJeune has been invited to create work at several residency programs which foster collaboration between the arts and sciences including the Global Nomadic Art Project – The Ephemeral River, University of Notre Dame Research Center, and University of Wisconsin – Madison Trout Lake Research Station.  Her work was recently published in Culture, Community, and Climate: Conversations and Emergent Praxis from press in the UK. LeJeune currently serves as Associate Professor of Photography at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

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