Terri Warpinski

My recent long-term projects have focused on border zones, examining the multiple and conflicted perspectives that complicate these places. This work is driven by the conviction that a geo-political border is as much a process as it is a physical location – a construction that is a conscious human determination. It is a decision. Its consequences are many. They may be social, political, economic, environmental and psychological. 

In Surface Tension: Three Landscapes of Division walls and fences, embodiments of social and political oppositions past and present, mark and divide the physical landscapes of the U.S. – Mexico, Israel -Palestine, and the region that once was West Berlin. Exploring these three border zones in parallel conflates the tensions endemic to each through an open-ended narrative.

Terri Warpinski, Professor of Art Emerita with the University of Oregon, now works and resides in De Pere, Wisconsin. Her photographically based creative practice is rooted in the landscape subject. Over the course of her career her work has always explored the relationship between personal, cultural and natural histories.Her career is distinguished by numerous awards including a Fulbright Fellowship to Israel,  a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Research Grant (2017) to Berlin, and she was recognized by the Society for Photographic Education as the Honored Educator of  2018. She is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship and two Career Opportunity Grants from the Ford Family Foundation and the Oregon Art Commission.


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