In Spring 2020, the Women’s Environmental Workshare Collective was born out of a desire to create a more inclusive space in the historically male dominated fields of landscape and environmental photography. Our group includes photographic artists from across the country who are at different stages in our careers. We have diverse yet overlapping interests that include, but are not limited to, environmental science, land use, biology, geology, cultural studies, and social justice. Our art practices and creative processes are also quite distinct. The breadth of our interests helps to build connective tissue between cultural producers, community leaders, and scientific researchers, creating new production methods and ways to disseminate our work. While initially conceived in 2019, the pandemic cemented both the urgency and forward-looking nature of the collective to discuss our work, environmental issues, and concerns about the future.

Current Members:

Marion Belanger

Dana Fritz

Margaret LeJeune

Judy Natal

Martina Shenal

Terri Warpinski


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