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Broto: Art-Climate-Science is a unique and unaffiliated conference of international experts in art, science, sustainability, philosophy, business, advocacy, public health and other multidisciplinary fields. We focus on substantive, mutual, credible and real-time art-science collaboration that inspires innovation to address the climate crisis. In life and in science, “Affinity” is about closeness, alignment, rapport, mutual interest, attraction, symbiosis.   How does art-climate-science collaboration…

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picture of tree with no leaves

Tree Talk

The beauty and mystery of trees has long been a subject for artists, and more recently, concern for the survival of forests (the lungs of our planet) has been paramount. Each month, artists working in a diversity of media will share their artworks and ideas about this most essential and extraordinary living being. Tree Talk is moderated by Sant Khalsa,…

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BROTO 2020

A conference about “Deep Time” and the intersection of Art-Climate-Science-Time In a society fixated on near-term outcomes, how do art and science think about time and how is that relevant in the climate crisis? We’ll speak with our usual mix of brainy experts and attendees and work toward a white paper on art-science-climate-time and its potential for innovation in the climate…

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