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Terri Warpinski

Terri Warpinski explores the complex relationship between personal, cultural and natural histories through her photographically-based and mixed media work. For over four decades her various projects have taken her throughout the American West and Mexico, Australia, Western and Central Europe, the Middle East and Iceland. Her current project “Land/Trust” centers her back to the landscape of her birthplace to delve…

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Judy Natal

Honoring powers of observation as profound sources of knowledge, my work walks between diverse world views, cultivating mutualism between knowledge systems to draw attention to the personal and emotional dimensions of climate chaos. We can no longer afford to see ourselves in isolation, but rather as interconnected bodies of living breathing organisms that depend on each other to be a…

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Dana Fritz

For over two decades, my work has focused on how humans shape and represent the landscape whether in formal gardens, colossal vivaria, landscape painting, or a hand-planted forest. My current work, Field Guide to a Hybrid Landscape foregrounds the impact of our decisions, past and present, to exploit, protect, or restore our environment. Field Guide… traces the evolution of the…

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Martina Shenal

The series Secondary Nature examines human interaction with the landscape- the ways that we alter, mediate, engage with and represent it. Through photography I explore the intricate systems that act to limit the destructive natural forces of volcanic landscapes in Japan, Korea, Hawai’i, and the Azores archipelago. These locations share an infrastructure that is, by necessity, conspicuously engineered and endemic…

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Margaret LeJeune

Margaret LeJeune is an image-maker, curator, and educator from Rochester, New York (USA). Working predominantly with photographic-based mediums, LeJeune explores our precarious relationship to the natural world. Her work has been widely exhibited at institutions including The Griffin Museum of Photography (USA), The Center for Fine Art Photography (USA), ARC Gallery (USA), Circe Gallery Cape Town (South Africa), Science Cabin…

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Marion Belanger

I photograph the cultural landscape where geology and the built environment intersect, particularly where shifting identities of place and boundaries are in flux.  Boundaries serve as the borderline between knowing and mystery, inside and outside, the contained and the wild.  Similar to the anthropologist, I look for cultural traces of use and evidence upon the land, particularly among the mundane…

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